In case you missed it, Roman Reigns made his return to WWE RAW this week in Atlanta, Georgia to share the incredible news that his Leukemia has officially gone into remission. It was a highly emotional night, but things didn’t stop with the Big Dog’s announcement.

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Later in the evening, Dean Ambrose was mercilessly attacked at the tail end of an already physical No Disqualification match with Drew McIntyre, and received a pretty bad beating from McIntyre, Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Elias.

Before things could spiral even further out of control, both Reigns and Seth Rollins made a beeline for the ring, as the Big Dog dished out his first round of Superman Punches since October, and the Kingslayer took care of their remaining foes with a steel chair in hand. Reigns capped it all off with a monstrous spear to take down McIntyre.

While the old SHIELD trio didn’t exactly reunite, Reigns and Rollins definitely shared an interesting look of acknowledgment from the Lunatic Fringe — although trying to read Dean Ambrose often seems like a fool’s errand. It will certainly be interesting to see how things play out going forward…