— After last night’s RAW went off the air, Triple H was uncuffed from the top rope and escorted Stephanie McMahon, who was put on a stretcher, to the back.

— The Undertaker defeated the Big Show with the Hell’s Gate submission hold in the dark match main event of the evening.

— Ric Flair was legitimately busted open on RAW at the hands of Chris Jericho and required medical attention. During WWE.com’s live RAW blog, Joey Styles wrote, “I just watched Dr. Amman put eleven staples in Flair’s head.”

— Philly.com features an interview with John Cena, who talks about breaking into movies, his new film “12 Rounds” and more.

— It was announced on last night’s episode of “Red Eye” on the Fox News Channel that Chris Jericho will once again be a guest on the late night comedy show on Wednesday 3/25 at 3AM Eastern. (Thanks to C. Dickey)

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