partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— They changed Johnny Nitro’s name because the feeling was that it was not serious enough and he’s now in a world champion position. Vince felt people wouldn’t take him seriously with the gimmicky Johnny Nitro name. A whole bunch of people including Dusty Rhodes, Dave Lagana, writer Jen Hunt and others came up with suggestions for a new name. Vince picked the John Morrison name. That one was likely chosen because the similarities between Hennigan and the deceased 60s rock star Jim Morrison are quite striking.

— Rapper and Hip-Hop mogul Jay-Z paid Diamond Dallas Page an undisclosed settlement in DDP’s lawsuit against him alleging he took his trademarked diamond cutter hand signal from him without authorization or any kind of agreement. DDP has been using the hand gesture since 1996.

— Apparently, a nude women’s wrestling pay-per-view is scheduled to air on iN DEMAND next month. The poster for the pay-per-view features WWE developmental wrestler Shantelle Taylor, Ring of Honor’s Lacey, and another undisclosed female. The poster seems to be misleading as Taylor and Lacey have never wrestled in the buff before. There will likely be some nudity in the pay-per-view, but not from those two girls at least. You can see the PPV poster and advertisement at this link.

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