The world’s champion once again had some problems with beating Canada. On the other hand, Poland won over the hosts quite easy.

First of all, Brazilian national team showed up with their star Giba again. However, he did not step into the court yesterday. Canada started the match attacking and blocking well taking the lead thanks to a number of attacking errors from the Brazilian spikers. Brazil was only one point ahead at the first technical timeout. Then Canada controlled the middle of the set taking four point lead at 18-14. But it did not last long as Brazil tied the set again at 19-19. But Canada picked up their game to clinch the opener.

Bruno Rezende replaced Ricardo Garcia in the second set and it had an immediate impact as their attacks found the right tempo. Brazil increased their lead from 8-6 to 16-12 before they stormed to the win to bring the scores level.

The second set seemed to help Brazil settle into their game and they began to play with ease. Attacks rolled and the defence picked up the Canadian spikes well. Canada had big trouble trying to contain the Brazilian attack, falling to a set loss.

Canada had a better start in the fourth set. 2.08m tall Gavin Smith was the leading player for his side helping them take an 8-7 and then 16-14 lead. Brazil tied at 17-17 but Canada did not give up, taking advantage of a lot of mistakes to take the set.

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Brazil got a good start in the decisive fifth set, taking a 5-1 lead. Canada tried to fight back but could not break the Brazilian block and defence and finally, the world’s champion lost only one point, but in consequence, they lost also they leading in the pool B

Brazil coach Bernardo Rezende: “Canada played much better offensively than last weekend against us. We had ups and downs. We are little tired and we have to rest a little bit and be ready for the match tomorrow. We try to keep us at the top of the pool.”

Canada coach Glenn Hoag: “For us it was better match than last weekend and gave us in the offense good results. Brazil always does small things well.”

On the other hand, Poland did not have such a hard time with Finland. Only in the second set could the Finnish team was a bit of a threat for Poles, but guests stopped their rivals over and over again with extremely effective block, in which Poland scored 15 (!) points in three sets. Poland got off to a great start rushing to 16-7 lead in the first set. With every next minute, Poland only increased their advantage and in the end they were already leading 23-12 when the host team got four points in a row, but it was not enough as Poland took the opener.
The second set was not as bad as the first for the home side, however Poland took a small lead in the beginning. Mikko Esko’s serves saw Finland tie the set at 24-24 but Poland found another level to edge the set.
Finland started the third set with aggressive serves and a good fighting spirit. They led at 8-6 but Poland regained control at 16-15. Finland tried to do their best, but point by point Poland slowly ran away before sealing the victory.

Poland coach Andrea Anastasi: “We have had problems with Finland before, but now our players were very focused in the match and played well. It was important to win this match, but we have still two matches left here in Tampere.”


Finland coach Daniel Castellani: “The Polish block was very hard and they also received very well, but we had problems in receiving. Second set was better but not enough.”