Tonight’s episode of 205 Live opens up with a video package recapping The WWE Cruiserweight Title Match from Survivor Series.
Vic Joseph, Percy Watson & Nigel McGuiness welcomes us to the show and informs us that tonight’s show is bound to be an exciting night of action with Tony Nese going head-to-head with Noam Dar, TJP & Gran Metalik battling in singles competition and Buddy Murphy addressing his victory over Mustafa Ali at Survivor Series.
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy comes out and welcomes the audience to “his” 205 Live. He then asks the audience if they truly believed that Ali could defeat him but says that he doesn’t care what the people think because he is unstoppable.
Noam Dar gets a picture-in-picture promo about how he asked 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick for an opportunity after splitting time between 205 Live & NXT UK. Dar then says that now he is ready to focus on being a cruiserweight and kick Tony Nese’s daft head off.
Tony Nese vs. Noam Dar: Both men tie up and Tony sends Noam into the corner. Nese taunts Dar a bit. Back in the middle of the ring, Noam locks in a wrist lock and transitions into a headlock. Tony bounces Dar off the ropes and knocks him down with a shoulder tackle. Noam makes it back to his feet and contorts tony’s arm in a standing armbar. A series of reversals and Tony falls over the back of a crouching Noam Dar. Dar now returns the taunts. Dar spins Tony around multiple times before a quick backslide and a 2 count. Noam sends Tony to the apron and kicks his feet out from under him. With Tony laying face down on the apron, Noam Dar dropkicks him to the outside. On the outside of the ring, Dar gets in the face of Buddy Murphy. Tony Nese uses the opportunity to shove Noam into the edge of the ring apron. He follows it up by using a press-slam gutbuster on the outside to a disoriented Noam. Back inside the ring, Tony bounces of the ropes and uses a double flying forearm to get a close 2 count on Dar. Tony keeps on the pressure as he uses his legs to wrap around the abdomen of Dar, grounding him on the mat as he looks for the submission. Noam slowly fights out and forearms Nese in the face. He plants multiple forearms and ducks out of another flying strike from Tony. Tony goes for a flying elbow from the turnbuckle but Noam reverses it. Dar headbutts Tony in the gut and uppercuts him in to the corner. Noam Dar with a running clothesline on Tony in the corner followed with a northern lights suplex. Another close 2 count. Tony is able to regain momentum with multiple kicks to Noam’s abdomen and face, however, Noam is still able to lock in a guillotine choke hold. Tony uses his power to throw Dar off. Noam with a few forearms but Tony answers with a stiff jab and a an attempted springboard moonsault. Noam rolls out of the way and re-connects his guillotine choke on the neck of Tony. Tony is able to turn the guillotine into a northern light pinning combination for a close 2 count. Tony goes for a german suplex but Noam kicks Nese over and over in the head to escape. Tony kicks out of another pin attempt and hits a stiff forearm strike on Dar. Dar is able to fight back and uses a dropkick to the face of Tony for another 2 count. Noam sets up for the Nova Roller but Buddy Murphy distracts him. This allows Tony to deliver his german suplex in the corner and a Running Nese for the 1-2-3. Winner: Tony Nese
After the match, Buddy Murphy attacks Noam Dar and raises Tony Nese’s hand in victory.
Mustafa Ali gets a backstage promo. He says that he is hurt and not just physically, but in his head, too. Ali then says that he doesn’t want to forget this pain, he’s not running from it, he wants to embrace it, to feel every single ounce, so when he’s tempted to stay down, he will remember how he feels in this moment and rise back up. Ali then says that he should thank Buddy Murphy for the pain, because now he is gonna work even harder, dig even deeper and turn this pain into power. Ali then says that now he promises that he will become WWE Cruiserweight Champion.
205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick is talking to referee Danilo Anfibio and says that he takes Maria Kanellis’ threat very seriously and he wants to make sure nothing ruins the main event. Cedric Alexander rolls up and says that it is great to be back on the winning track. Maverick then says that it was a great match and there is a match that he has always wanted to see and now’s the time – Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali vs. Buddy Murphy & Tony Nese. Alexander’s into it and thanks him for the match.
Akira Tozawa & The Brian Kendrick make their entrance as Drew Gulak & Gentleman Jack Gallagher are interviewed backstage.
Gallagher says that he used to look up to Kendrick, but now he has aligned himself with a scoundrel and Gulak says that they are no tag team, not like him and Jack, who are practically the Submission Commission, so if they step to them again, they will tap out.
The Brian Kendrick & Akira Tozawa vs. Fidel Bravo & Richie Slade (Local Talent): Before the match begins, we see Gentleman Jack Gallagher & Drew Gulak backstage insulting Tozawa & Kendrick. Back in the ring, Kendrick begins the match with various hold and arm drags on Slade. Tozawa tags in and they team up to quickly drop Slade down to the mat. Akira performs a huge, flying senton splash on Slade. Tozawa chops Slade down and taunts Bravo a bit. Akira tags Kendrick back in and they perform a combo boot off the ropes. A close 2 count. Tozawa tagged back in and he delivers a knee to Slade. Bravo gets tagged in but he receives a hip toss and a shining wizard for his trouble. Just a 2 count. Kendrick gets tagged in and he and Tozawa perform an enziguri/reverse S-T-O move for another 2 count. Bravo tags in Slade and Slade is able to fight back with some stiff forearms. That’s quickly halted by a beautiful heel kick from Kendrick. Tozawa gets tagged back in and delivers lightning fast kicks to Bravo followed by his springboard missile drop kick. Slade breaks it up before the 2 count but gets thrown outside. Kendrick hits the sliced bread no. 2 on Bravo and Tozawa hits his double stomp for the 1-2-3. Winners: The Brian Kendrick & Akira Tozawa
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy & Tony Nese are walking backstage when they roll into an interview.
Buddy asks if they are finally getting tag titles as a joke before saying that he has beaten both of them individually, so just imagine what they are going to do next week. Nese then tells Dasha that she is better than that and moves along.
Commentary then hypes up their tag match as well as the return of Hideo Itami next week.
Gran Metalik & TJP make their entrances and it’s main event time.
Gran Metalik vs. TJP: Before the match begins, The Lucha House Party rushes over to TJP & Mike Kanellis on the ramp and attempt to brawl it out. 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick and multiple referees rush out and they ban everyone from ringside. The bell rings and Metalik hits a dropkick on TJP followed by a huge diving senton to the outside. He throws TJP back in and hits a top rope springboard splash for a 2 count. TJP escapes to the outside but Gran follows behind him and tosses him back in the ring. TJP attempts to reverse Metalik in the corner but Gran hits a stiff kick and a reverse sling blade on TJP. Gran climbs around the ropes and dives toward TJP but he stops Gran in mid-air and ties him up with a variation of the scorpion deathlock. Gran grabs the bottom rope to break the hold. TJP uses the ropes and delivers a soaring slingshot splash onto Metalik. He throws Gran back inside the ring and mounts him, delivering punch after punch to a downed Gran. TJP keeps the pressure on with a slingshot senton splash to Gran but only manages a 2 count. He tears at the mask of Metalik. TJP delivers a vertical suplex and immediately follows with a back suplex for a 2 count. TJP keeps the pressure on with a sitting headlock on Gran Metalik. Metalik fights back with some elbows and some beautiful unorthodox arm drags. Metalik hits TJP with a stiff chop in the corner. TJP uses a gutbuster for another 2 count on Gran. TJP bounces Gran off the ropes, trips him and then uses the last-chancery to lock Metalik up. Gran slowly creeps toward the ropes and is able to break the hold. TJP with forearms and a hurricanrana in the corner. He climbs to the top rope but Metalik stops him with a swift knee and climbs to the top rope with him. TJP pushes him back off but Metalik dropkicks TJP and he falls back down to the mat. Close 2 count. Metalik hits a few stomps on a downed TJP. Metalik climbs to the top and attempts a superplex but TJP boots him in the face and hits a powerbomb for a 2 count. TJP climbs to the top rope and attempts a swanton but Metalik side-steps and uses the ropes for an elevated dropkick. Another close 2 count. TJP rips at the mask of Metalik and uses the distraction to throw Gran into the 2nd rope. As he’s perched there, TJP hits a dropkick to his face and then stands disoriented on the apron. Gran is slow to get back up but when he does, he runs across the ring, completely clears the ropes and hits a hurricanrana on TJP to the outside. “Lucha, Lucha, Lucha!” chants from the audience. He tosses TJP back inside the ring and hits the Metalik driver. Gran climbs to the top rope, tries for a flying elbow drop but TJP catches him and locks in the knee bar. Gran is able to creep toward the rope and break the hold. TJP is frustrated and grabs the piñata. Gran chops TJP down in defense of the piñata and uses a sunset flip for the 1-2-3. Winner: Gran Metalik 
After the match, Maria Kanellis appears at the top of the ramp screaming, “HOW COULD YOU?!” as she grows hysterical toward Drake Maverick. This causes enough of a distraction for Mike Kanellis to appear behind The Lucha House Party and he attacks all 3 men with a steel chair. The referees force TJP and Mike to the backstage area but the damage is done and The Lucha House Party has been beaten down as 205 Live goes off the air.