WWE Elimination Chamber Pre-Show Report
By Shaun Best – Rajah.com Reporter

Here’s what went down on YouTube, Facebook and WWE.com just before Elimination Chamber on PPV!

Team Rhodes Scholars vs Tensai & Brodus Clay w/The Funkadactyls
Damien Sandow talks of a social media outcry since Team Rhodes Scholars split. Cody Rhodes says after a lot of litigation and red tape, they’ve given the people what they want and demands a standing round of applause. The crowd voice their disapproval. The Funkadactyls come out dressed as cheerleaders complete with pom poms. Brodus has to bring Tensai out, who is sporting a flat black cap. Sandow gets shoved down, then runs into a Brodus clothesline. Rhodes sucker punches Tensai and begs off. Tensai headbutts Rhodes and gives him a front first irish whip. Tensai misses a Vader Bomb, but lands on his feet and nails an avalanche splash in the corner. Rhodes telegraphs a backbodydrop with a throat shot. Rhodes leaps onto Tensai’s back, allowing Sandow to dropkick the knee. Rhodes hits a disaster kick. Tensai gets worked over and escapes a Rhodes front facelock. Tensai misses a senton splash. Sandow drops a knee and delivers the elbow of disdain. Sandow begins to stomp in the corner, before running into a brick wall. Brodus gets the hot tag and hits Rhodes with a pair of clotheslines and a corner splash. Brodus sets Rhodes up for a suplex, but Sandow dropkicks him from behind. Sandow eats a Brodus/Tensai sandwich. A double headbutt puts Rhodes down and a double splash finishes him off. 1-2-3. A reluctant Tensai is coaxed into dancing Gangnam Style with Brodus after the match. Winners: TENSAI & BRODUS CLAY


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