Thanks to reader Fahd Hanif for sending this in!

Great show at Leeds
Jojo opened the show.

Finn balor vs Neville was the first match.Good contest with Neville winning
with the Red arrow

Next match was New Day vs Tyson Kidd and Cesaro for the tag team
championships.Lots of New Day sucks chants but Kofi Kingston was heavily
cheered.Tyson kidd and Cesaro win by pinfall.

New day then offer a challenge to anyone and out comes R Truth who recieved a
loud pop. R Truth pins xavier Woods with the roll up.

Fandango with Rosa Mendes vs Jimmy Uso with Jojo the ring announcer in dance
off first but then the bell rings and jimmy uso pins in 10 seconds with the

Six man tag with sheamus, Bray Wyatt and Bad News Barret vs Dolph
ziggler,Erick Rowan and Daniel Bryan.Deafening cheers for Daniel Bryan and
Dolph ziggler.Bryan make Barret tap out to the yes lock

Divas action with a six diva tag.Alicia Fox,cameron and Rosa Mendes vs
Natalya,summer rae and emma.dull match with Natalya making cameron tap to the

Miz vs Mizdow with a funny match.Lots of excitement with this match with
Mizdow pinning miz with the skull crushing finale.Mizdow praised Leeds fans.

Main event with roman reigns vs big show in a Leeds street fight.Big show
accidently broke theeg of a table and recieved huge jeers.Roman reigns put
Big Show through the table twice and wins with the spear.Reigns kicked out of
the KO punch!

Biggest pops

.Daniel Bryan
.Dolph Ziggler
.Roman Reigns

Biggest boo’s

.big show
.Bad News Barret