WWE Main Event opens with Michael Cole welcoming us and the tag team champions’ music hits.

– Jey Uso defeated Stardust via pinfall in a solid opener.

– Bray Wyatt will be in action later tonight.

– WWE 2K15 & WM31 promos.

– Backstage, Natalya apologizes to Tyson Kidd and says she’s proud of him and she lives him. She wishes him good luck in his match tonight. He was cold to her.

– Curtis Axel defeated Justin Gabriel with a stiff running knee to Gabriel. The announcers played up Curtis Axel’s family history and his WWE accomplishments. Axel looked alright.

– Sami Zayn promo video hyping his match tonight against Tyson Kidd.

– Tyson Kidd defeated Sami Zayn with a rollup pin after a sequence of near falls. Good match, not their best and slower paced than what we’ve seen in NXT.

– RAW Rebound showing Vince’s announcement that The Authority could lose control at Survivor Series and the Orton-Rollins segment.

– Bray Wyatt defeated Sin Cara with Sister Abigail. Wyatt dominated most of the match until Sin Cara fought back at the end. It wasn’t enough and Wyatt put him away.

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