– A video package kicks off the show featuring Asuka relinquishing her NXT Women’s Championship. A series of matches is announced to determine who will compete in a Fatal 4-Way match at NXT Takeover: War Games to crown a new champion. Kairi Sane has already earned her place by winning the Mae Young Classic.


Peyton took a beating from the very start as both opponents went after her early on. She eventually got back into the match and locked in an armbreaker over the top rope on Morgan, but Cross dumped them both to the floor to break it up the hard way. Billie Kay tried to come to her bestie’s aid but was unceremoniously dumped off the apron for her trouble.

All three ladies fought for positioning on the ropes leading to a huge Tower of Doom spot involving a top rope superplex and a sit-down powerbomb sending them all crashing and burning. Nikki fired up and took out both opponents, signaling for the finish, but The Undisputed Era randomly appears on the entrance ramp. They have Mae Young Classic star Taynara Conti with them! Conti rushes the ring and pulls Nikki to the floor, which angers the NXT Superstars who wastes time chasing her around the ring. Peyton was eventually able to take advantage of the distraction, hitting Cross with a Fisherman’s Buster to pick up the win.

Winner: Peyton Royce

– In a WWE YouTube exclusive video, The Undisputed Era are walking backstage and are approached by Teynara Conti. She wants to know what’s up with their “deal” that apparently made, but Adam Cole tells her that she was there to serve a purpose, and basically kicks her to the curb.


The former ROH sensation went right to work slapping Dream across the face then lit him up with some crazy kicks. The crowd LOVES this kid. He turned a backbreaker into a ridiculous tilt-a-whirl DDT which just further popped the crowd. Dream caught him with an elbow from the apron, then connected with a Death Valley Bomb into the Purple Rainmaker off the top rope to pick up the win in a short match.

Winner: The Velveteen Dream

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