We’re live with the first WWE Raw show at Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, PA, in eight years. This is also the first Raw after Extreme Rules and the fallout from Sunday’s pay-per-view will no doubt impact Monday’s show and the weeks ahead on Raw.
We open with the Bray Wyatt fireflies lighting up an otherwise pitch black arena. The Eater of Worlds is decked out in a cutoff blue-jean jacket, sleeveless black t-shirt and red pants. Wyatt says he had his chance to hunt the Beast Incarnate for the WWE Universe but his chance was taken from him. He said he is going to cast judgment, and claims Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are guilty. He vows to punish them all, one-by-one, starting with Roman Reigns tonight.
The Big Dog’s music interrupts the God, and Roman Reigns heads to the ring in completely blacked out gear.

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt
Wyatt laughs at Reigns as he reclines against the ropes, and says, “right on cue.” The two glare at each other in the center of the ring as alternating chants of “let’s go, Roman” and “Roman sucks” echo through the arena.
Reigns says, “you hear this? This proves I am the god, and this is what happens when you step in my yard.” Reigns then punches Wyatt out of the ring.
Once the ring bell sounds, Wyatt immediately went for Sister Abigail, but Roman ducks out of it and punches the Eater of Worlds out of the ring as we head to break.

Both men are laid out on the mat as we return. Wyatt hit Reigns with a running elbow strike during the commercials. Wyatt then goes to work, choking Roman in a headlock in the center of the ring. The alternating chants of “let’s go, Roman” and “Roman sucks” start again.
Wyatt then escapes a Samoan Drop attempt to hit Reigns with a DDT. Reigns is grounded again in a chinlock chokehold. Reigns breaks the hold, strikes Wyatt with a big right hand and then hits a Samoan Drop. Reigns then takes out Bray with three straight clotheslines.
Wyatt fights back, driving Reigns’ shoulder into the ring post. As Reigns writhes on the floor outside the ring, Wyatt lands a Senton Bomb before another commerical break.

The crowd is back to alternating chants of “Let’s go, Roman” and “Roman sucks” as we return with Bray choking Reigns in the middle of the ring again. Reigns breaks the hold and then throws the Eater of Worlds through the ropes out of the ring.
The Big Dog then gets Bray in a corner and has the fans count out 10 clotheslines. Reigns gets a nearfall after another clothesline off the ropes. Reigns then begins loading up the right hand for a Superman Punch.
Reigns whiffs on the Superman Punch and Wyatt picks Reigns out of the sky and plants him with a Ura-Nage. After the two trade blows, Reigns takes Wyatt off the ropes and delivers a massive Powerbomb.
Wyatt then sidesteps a Superman Punch only to have Reigns make a second pass and clobber him to the mat. The Eater of Worlds still managed to kick out.
Reigns gets to his feet first, howls in the corner and tries to go for a spear, but Wyatt ducks out of the ring. Reigns follows him and nails him with a Drive-By, but Wyatt rebounds with a huge clothesline as both men drop to the mat outside the ring.
Wyatt gets back in the ring first, and Reigns barely sneaks back in to beat the count out.
Wyatt loads up another Sister Abigail attempt, but Reigns escapes and combos a Superman Punch and a Spear for the victory.
Winner: Roman Reigns
Backstage Interview with Enzo Amore & Big Cass
We return from break with Enzo being asked about his attacker the past few weeks on Raw. Enzo says he doesn’t have the scoop on who laid him out the past two weeks on Raw. He says his job is to sell Sawft t-shirts, not soft serve ice cream. Big Cass says he’s insulted that some fans think he is to blame for the attacks. Cass says he will be watching Enzo’s back all the time now to prevent further problems.
Raw General Manager Kurt Angle Sets Raw Women’s Championship Match
After the interview, footage recaps Alexa Bliss’ victory over Bayley at Extreme Rules. Michael Cole announces that Bayley’s injuries have caused her to stay at home for this week’s show. Bliss then walks up to Raw General Manager Kurt Angle and says she’s done with Bayley. Bliss says she wants to celebrate her title. She wants a “This Is My Life” segment. Angle says it’s a terrible idea. He calls Bliss’ “This is Your Life” segment on Bayley last week one of the worst segments in the history of Raw. He reminds Bliss that she promised Nia Jax a chance at the Raw Women’s Championship, and sets a match for Bliss to defend the title against Jax later on Raw.
Elias Samson Performs Again, Ambushes Dean Ambrose

“The Drifter” is seated on a chair with his guitar in the middle of the ring. He asks, “Who wants to walk with Elias?” He then says he wrote a song after he saw a leaf fall on the highway. He sings that Wilkes-Barre has “no hope” and he found a Lunatic that is broken. Dean Ambrose’s music interrupts Samson and a very upset looking Dean Ambrose storms to the ring. He then hits Samson in the head with the microphone and bounces “The Drifter” off the crowd barricade.
Ambrose says, “he’s here tonight for one reason. He wants The Miz. He wants a rematch for the Intercontinental Championship and he wants it right now.”
The Miz appears on the big screen and says there will be no rematch tonight. Instead, the A-Lister will have his Intercontinental Championship “Comeback Tour” celebration. Samson then drops the Lunatic from behind with a Swinging Neckbreaker.
Dean Ambrose Seeks Out Raw GM Kurt Angle Backstage
Ambrose demands a rematch, but Angle says there will be no rematch tonight. Angle says Maryse set up a celebration for The Miz, and he doesn’t want to anger Maryse. He tells Ambrose to take the rest of the night off to cool down. Ambrose says he wants to cool down in The Miz’s dressing room, but Angle repeats that he should leave for the night.
Samoa Joe Vows To Take Everything From Brock Lesnar, Attacks Paul Heyman

The Destroyer comes out to the ring and footage of him choking out Finn Balor for the Fatal 5-Way Match victory at Extreme Rules airs. Michael Cole recaps that Samoa Joe will face WWE Universal Champ Brock Lesnar at WWE Great Balls of Fire in July.
Joe says he does not fear Brock Lesnar. He says he’s incapable of fearing him because he’s too envious of Lesnar. He wants everything that Lesnar has, and he wants to take it from him. Joe says he wants Lesnar’s schedule where he doesn’t have to appear week after week for the ungrateful WWE audience. He says he wants to take Paul Heyman as his advocate. He says he wants people to fear him like they do Lesnar. He says he wants Lesnar’s Universal Championship.
Joe then declares he will take the championship from Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire.
That’s when Heyman interrupts as he makes his way from backstage. Heyman declares Samoa Joe as a worthy No. 1 contender after destroying the other four contenders at Extreme Rules. He says the Samoan Submission Machine will rightfully get a title shot he deserves. Heyman says he understands that Joe doesn’t fear Lesnar, and says Lesnar doesn’t fear Joe either.
Heyman says Joe probably likes the fact that Lesnar doesn’t fear him. Heyman says he worries for a living, but Lesnar assuages all of his concerns because he’s beaten The Rock, John Cena, The Undertaker and every other legend put in his way. He recaps that he told Finn Balor that he wanted to see him as a “Rocky” story to promote as a contender for Lesnar’s title.
Heyman says Samoa Joe is the worst case scenario for Lesnar because whether the champ wins or loses that Joe will take a piece of Lesnar with him. Then Heyman assures Joe that Lesnar is his worst case scenario. Heyman attempts to leave, but then Joe grabs Heyman and says he’s disappointed Lesnar didn’t appear tonight. He says he’s going to wrap his hands around Heyman’s throat, that Heyman’s going to get dizzy and pass out. Then he wants Heyman to describe to him in excruciating detail what it felt like and take a message back to Lesnar. Joe then puts Heyman in the Coqina Clutch and Heyman passes out. Joe yells, “you tell him this.” A group of referees then pull Joe off Heyman.
Raw GM Kurt Angle Sets Samoa Joe-Seth Rollins Match

As we return from break, Raw GM Kurt Angle barks at Joe about attacking Heyman. Joe threatens Angle by saying he will take out anybody in his way. He asks Angle if he is in his way. The Kingslayer says Angle isn’t in Joe’s way, but he is. Rollins then says he didn’t forget Joe tried to end his career and he wants a match. Angle makes the match for later on.
Raw Tag Team Champions Sheamus & Cesaro vs Heath Slater & Rhyno
After Cesaro creates a diversion to start the match, Sheamus rams Slater’s shoulder into the ring post.  Sheamus gets a near fall off a clothesline. The Celtic Warrior  then hits a running elbow before tagging Cesaro.
Cesaro works over Slater before he tags Sheamus. Slater then catches Sheamus with a boot to the face. Cesaro engages outside the ring with Rhyno and distracts the big man while Sheamus drops Slater with a Brogue Kick in a quick finish.
Winners: Sheamus & Cesaro
After the match, Sheamus asks the crowd if they are happy the Hardys came back. Cesaro says he knows two guys who aren’t glad they came back – the Hardy Boys. Sheamus says the Hardys must be at home licking their wounds. Sheamus & Cesaro then say they are two-time tag champs because they don’t just set the bar, they are the bar.
TJP Confronts Neville
TJP says it’s time for Neville to give him a Cruiserweight Championship shot. He says he spent the past few months beating up Austin Aries for Neville and the King of the Cruiserweights promised him a match. TJP says since the champ took care of Aries at Extreme Rules that it’s his time for a shot at the title. Neville tells TJP that if he beats Mustafa Ali on Raw that he will talk to Raw GM Kurt Angle about making the match.
TJP vs Mustafa Ali
After trading a few shots, TJP hits a Senton off the ropes, steps on Ali’s throat and dabs. Ali fought back by turning a crossbody into a DDT. Ali went to the top rope to try another high-risk move, but TJP countered by kicking him to get him off balance. TJP then dropped the Chicago native for the 3-count with a Detonation Kick.
Winner: TJP
Neville Announces Cruiserweight Championship Bout With TJP For 205 Live
As TJP celebrates, Neville comes out and says Raw GM Kurt Angle would not make a match. TJP demands he and Neville go talk to Angle together. As TJP tries to go backstage, Neville attacks him from behind. He slams TJP’s head on the entrance ramp.
Neville then yells that TJP will get his shot Tuesday on 205 Live.

Goldust Promo Threatens R Truth Again

Goldust gave another promo threatening R Truth as we return from break. The former tag team partners appear to be close to throwing down against each other soon as this is the third straight week Goldust has threatened R Truth. 
Raw Women’s Division Disses Alexa Bliss Backstage
Alexa Bliss tried to get out of her match with Nia Jax by convincing Mickie James and Dana Brooke they were more deserving of a match, but James and Brooke said they weren’t the ones with a Nia Jax problem. They said they wanted to sit ringside for Jax’s title shot against Bliss.
Angle Pulls Corey Graves Aside From Commentary
WWE continues to try to play up intrigue about what dirt announcer Corey Graves has on Kurt Angle from the text message he showed the GM last week. Angle had Graves briefly leave the announce team to talk with him while Michael Cole and Booker T speculated on why. As we return from break, a reporter tries to ask Angle what he talked about with Graves. Angle refuses to answer, saying it’s a private matter and leaves the arena. Before the door closes, Dean Ambrose sneaks back inside.
Kalisto vs Titus O’Neil with Apollo Crews

Titus attempts to get revenge on Apollo Crews’ loss to Kalisto at Extreme Rules. Titus and Crews continue to argue at each other. As Kalisto tries to roll up Titus, O’Neil reverses into a pin. However, Kalisto reverses the pinning predicament and holds on to Titus’ tights for the victory. The announce crew eluded to an earlier WWE Facebook post saying Titus told Akira Tozawa to watch the match backstage and to come to the entrance ramp after he beats Kalisto to announce he was joining the Titus brand. However, all that happened after the match was more arguing between Titus and Apollo.
Winner: Kalisto

Big Cass Laid Out Backstage
After two weeks of backstage attacks on Enzo Amore, this time Big Cass was the one face down on the concrete as Miz and Maryse were walking by while preparing for their celebration. Enzo asks Cass as he tries to revive him what happened. Cass hands Enzo a gold chain as he regains consciousness. Enzo says whoever attacked him last week had the chain, so he hoped Cass wasn’t insinuating it was Smacktalk Skywalker who attacked him. He tells the medics attending to Cass they have a match, but he’s told he needs to find a new partner.
The Miz & Maryse Celebrate Winning The Intercontinental Championship
As we go back to in-ring action, Maryse is standing on a red velvet-covered canvas with a guy dancing in a Teddy Bear outfit holding a congratulations sign in the background. There are also yellow balloons spelling out Miz in the ring. The Miz makes his way as the announce team recaps the match footage from Extreme Rules.
The crowd chants, “you deserve it.” The Miz says it would mean more if the crowd didn’t chant that to everyone who wins a title.
The Miz and Maryse then raise glasses of champagne as Miz toasts himself. Miz says Maryse has outdone herself, especially the dancing bear. He says his Intercontinental Championship now has a mascot.
Maryse tells Miz she didn’t get the bear. Miz says he didn’t get the bear. The Miz then attacks the guy in the bear suit, hitting a Skullcrushing Finale. He announces that it’s Dean Ambrose, but when he pulls the bear head off it’s just a guy.
Attendants then bring out a large wrapped package and Miz crushes the box, thinking it was Ambrose. Maryse yells at him to stop, saying she worked hard on the gift. Miz then pulls out a broken grandfather clock. She says it was her gift to him because “he is timeless.” Maryse is then distraught and hits him with the mic before stomping off in a huff to go backstage.
The Miz then demands the Lunatic to show himself. A cameraman is shown in the ring behind The Miz, trying to get a close-up. The cameraman then takes his hat off to reveal it is Ambrose. The former champ then hits Dirty Deeds on The Miz and takes the bottle of champagne with him on his way backstage.
Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows vs Enzo Amore & Big Show
The Club is already in the ring as the Certified G comes out to his music alone. He announces to the crowd that Cass couldn’t make the match. He says he called in a favor and his partner is 7-foot tall and you can’t teach that. He announces his surprise partner is Big Show
As Enzo struts around the ring, he hands a mic to Big Show. He tells Show that he looks kind of thin. He asks Show if he is joining 205 Live as a cruiserweight. He tells Show to loosen up. Show then does his own Jersey accent and spells out Sawft with Amore.
Gallows kicks Amore to the ground before tagging in Anderson, who pounds him in the corner with a lot of fists. Enzo then escapes and tags in Show, who cleans house. He drops both Anderson and Gallows before hitting a huge Shoulder Tackle on Anderson. Show then tosses Anderson to the mat with a huge Chokeslam. He tags Enzo and then looks like he is going to Shoulder Press Slam him before throwing him on top of Anderson for the win.
The way this match was booked, it’s beginning to look like Enzo and Big Cass are close to splitting.
Winners: Enzo Amore & Big Show
As we return from break, Big Cass confronts Big Show, accusing him of sneaking around and being the one behind the attacks. Big Show says he’s a giant, he can’t sneak anywhere. Enzo gets Cass to loosen up and they say they are taking off to go to a casino.
R Truth Promo Threatens Goldust
For the second straight week, R Truth makes a promo hinting that he will get his revenge for Goldust turning on him.
Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax
Jax made waves last week on Twitter, seemingly criticizing her lack of use in recent weeks on Raw while complimenting SmackDown Live for making sure its entire women’s division gets opportunities after it was announced there would be a first ever Money In the Bank Women’s Ladder Match.
Jax finally gets the title shot she was promised tonight, and she is first in the ring before WWE goes to commercial.
As the bell sounds to start the match, Bliss tries to plead with Jax before Mickie James and Dana Brooke come from backstage to watch the match outside the ring. Jax immediately goes to work, crushing Bliss in the corner with a splash. Bliss climbs on Jax’s back, trying to get a sleeper hold, but Jax dumps her on the mat and drops a few elbows. The challenger then runs over the champ, who tries to get a break outside the ring but is confronted by James and Brooke.
Seeing her opportunity, Bliss starts punching Brooke before Dana and Mickie both start to punch Bliss. The referee then stops the match, giving Bliss the win by disqualification.
A frustrated Jax then ambushes both James and Brooke, dropping them as she sulks out of the ring.
Winner: Alexa Bliss by DQ
Heyman Takes A Call From Lesnar
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As a medic attends to the advocate, he receives a call from The Beast Incarnate. Heyman tells Lesnar he should show up to Raw next week and unleash the beast to make Samoa Joe fear him.
Main Event: Seth Rollins vs Samoa Joe
The Samoan Submission Machine is announced first, making his way to the ring in his red and black trunks.
The crowd erupts for Seth Freakin Rollins. Joe distracts the Kingslayer at the start of the match by throwing his towel in his face. After Joe gets in some right hands, Rollins unloads some fists on him. Joe then hits a crushing running elbow before stepping out of the ring.
The Architect went for a Suicide Dive but Joe kicks him before he could jump through the ropes. The Destroyer then rams Rollins into the barricade. Rollins took more jabs to the face as he flounders around the ring. Joe then traps him in the corner, hits him with rapid-fire punches and a knee.
Joe knocks Rollins off his feet as he went for Springboard off the top rope and continues the assault with an Enzuiguri kick. During the break, Rollins went for a Slingblade, but Joe launches him across the ring instead.
As Rollins went for a move off the second rope, Joe yanks his feet out from under him and Rollins falls on his back to the mat. The pounding continues with Joe combining an Atomic Drop, knee and a Running Senton Bomb. Joe then locks in an arm bar.
Rollins punches his way out of the hold. As the Kingslayer went for a Running Knee off the ropes, Joe grabs him and grounds him with a Powerslam.
The Kingslayer finally stops the assault with a Dodging Enzuiguri before connecting with a Suicide Dive, a Slingblade and then another Suicide Dive. Rollins kept rolling along with a top-rope Blockbuster, another Suicide Dive and a Flying Clothesline. Joe kicks out at two.
Joe tries to lock in the Coqina Clutch, but Rollins reverses it into a Falcon Arrow. Joe kicks out again.
Rollins then hit a Standing Sidekick and goes to the top rope before Bray Wyatt’s video blacks out the arena.
When the lights come back on, there’s no Wyatt, but Joe comes in from behind with the Coqina Clutch for the victory.
Winner: Samoa Joe