— WWE officials had instructed all of their female talent to not comment on the situation of them not being able to wrestle in Saudi Arabia on social media. That would be the reason why there was hardly anything said by any of them, despite some of the women normally being very outspoken online.

— While WWE has publicly stated a long term aim of being able to let their female wrestlers compete or at least participate in future events in Saudi Arabia, multiple sources backstage feel that it will never happen and that the company is okay with that privately but publicly they will continue to push their women empowerment message.

— Vince McMahon’s thought process when filling out the 50-man Royal Rumble roster was a significant bias towards “big” men as he believes – perhaps rightly so – that the audience in Saudi Arabia would react more favorably to wrestlers of that physical type. The one name missing was The Big Show and it is unknown why he wasn’t wrestling as early promotional material for the event had advertised him being there before the company pulled his name from the card.

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