WWE issued a survey on Thursday, stating that the company is considering releasing new DVDs with more “behind the scenes” view of the WWE Universe. They asked fans to vote how likely they are to purchase DVDs in the following categories, if they were available for $29.93 in retail or online stores:

  • WWE Reveals / Investigative Documentary: In-depth look at controversial moments in WWE History in and out of the ring plus 2 bonus discs of matches.
  • Legendary Biographies: 90-120 minute documentaries on personal and professional lives of Superstars (like ESPN’s “30 for 30”) plus 2 bonus discs of matches.
  • Current Superstars Docu-Reality Series: 3-disc DVD giving an all-access look into the lives of current WWE Superstars (like “Journey to WrestleMania: Daniel Bryan” or HBO’s “24/7: Mayweather v. Pacquiao”)
  • One Man Show: Hear the personal tales, life lessons, and never before told road stories from WWE Legends in their own words in this intimate stage show on a 3-disk DVD.

The  “WWE Reveals/Investigative Documentary” category contained some very controversial topics, including “Owen Hart’s Demise” –

  • Jerry Lawler/Andy Kaufman
  • “The Curtain Call”
  • Mike Tyson: Pariah of the Sports World, WWE Savior
  • John Stossel Slap/Lawsuit (David “Dr. Death” Schultz)
  • Owen Hart’s Demise
  • XFL Documentary
  • Other
  • None of the above

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