The following is a recap of episode three of the WWE reality show “Total Divas.”

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The Bellas are at loggerheads after Brie and Daniel Bryan decide to move to Phoenix in order to be closer to their beloved dog, Josie. The prospect of losing her sister doesn’t sit well with Nikki, and she goes off on the happy couple while they pack their San Diego home. Given that Brie is also missing important meetings due to the stress of the move, Nikki blames Bryan for her sister’s absentmindedness. But as John Cena helpfully opines, Nikki’s merely made Bryan her scapegoat, and the twins settle their squabble, and Bryan even gets a pass from Nikki. All together now: YES! YES! YES!

JoJo’s athleticism impresses WWE trainers, but a concussion sidelines her right about the same time her boyfriend, Sebastian, comes to visit. Unfortunately, the distance between the two has pushed the young lad to his breaking point, and he hands JoJo an ultimatum: Choose him or the job. Despite some initial waffling on JoJo’s part … well, you know what they say: No one man is bigger than WWE. By episode’s end, Sebastian is dismissed and JoJo – bolstered by support from Natalya and Eva Marie – says she is in it for the long haul.

Naomi’s (Trinity’s) own relationship with Jimmy (Jon) Uso is in trouble when he accuses her of being hesitant to take the first step past their engagement. The awkwardness boils over into an explosive fight and, later, a scheduled match between Tons of Funk & The Funkadactyls vs. The Bella Twins & The Usos. Despite Naomi’s attempts to change the match (alas, Talent Relations is the harshest mistress of them all), not only does the bout proceed as planned, but she defies WWE regulations by attacking Jimmy when they’re in the ring together. Thanks to some post-match girl talk with Cameron, though, Naomi reconciles her hesitation with a fear of failure, and the two make up in adorable fashion. Somebody call my momma, and tell her to grab the Kleenex.

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