Submitted by Ryan Pike

— Season 4, Episode 8

The Bellas Sing Badly

Brie gets asked to record a remix of her entrance music and is just awful at singing. Nikki jokingly trash-talks her a bit and decides she can do better than Brie did at singing. She is also pretty bad. Jim Johnston appears (as does Renee Young) and he basically needs to coach Nikki through it line by line and constantly remarks at how bad she is. He’s great. Brie gets a bit grumpy that Nikki always makes things a competition, so Brie ropes Nikki into singing the national anthem before a hockey game, but apparently it doesn’t happen as Nikki admits to Brie that she’s bad at singing and the girls have a laugh about it.

Nattie’s Feeling Old

Nattie’s contract is almost up and Mark From Talent Relations talks to her about a new deal, focusing on “diversifying” her more than having Nattie as a wrestler. That leads her to get weird about her age – she turned 33 after the events of the episode – and try to act young, leading to Alicia and Emma teasing her and her getting drunk and emotional on a night out. Naomi and Tamina talk her down and cheer her up, then Tamina almost gets in a fist-fight with a guy outside a bar – in the best moment in the show’s history. Like, a tiny bald Asian man threatens to roundhouse kick her, and she goes after him and is held back by the other girls (and a producer). Nikki also gives her a pep talk backstage and Nattie feels better about things.

Paige Has Trust Issues

Paige is in Vancouver shooting a (terrible WWE) movie and her boyfriend (who is in a band) visits. He is friendly with some of his fans in front of Paige, leading her to get a bit jealous and talk to Rosa about it and they come up with a (terrible) plan to test his loyalty. Paige gives a random girl at a bar $50 to go flirt with her man, even though she admits that the plan is stupid and terrible. He’s (understandably) mad when she tells him about her (terrible) plan and hurt that she didn’t trust him. She explains her past relationship issues and they talk it out.

Absolutely no Eva Marie on this episode.