WWE Vintage Collection Report: July 18th 2010
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Hosted by: Mean Gene Okerlund

Welcome (albeit a belated one) aboard. I’m back following a brief hiatus. Today’s show is made up of matches plucked from the January 21st 1984 Philadelphia Spectrum show. Bob Backlund had just lost the WWF Title to the Iron Sheik (which isn’t directly acknowledged during the show) and Hulkamania was on the cusp of being born, but unsurprisingly there is absolutely zero sign or mention of Hulk Hogan on the show, given his current involvement with TNA. Announcers for the show are Gorilla Monsoon & Dick Graham. Let’s begin.

Intercontinental Title: The Magnificent Muraco vs Salvatore Bellomo
This match is joined in progress and featured on the February 19th 1984 telecast of All American Wrestling. Bellomo twists out of a headscissors and uses knees to escape a Muraco piledriver attempt. Muraco gets tied in the ropes. Bellomo attacks with a splash. Muraco is freed by the referee. Bellomo applies a chinlock. Graham mentions Muraco is bleeding from the temple, but I don’t see any blood. Bellomo delivers uppercuts. Muraco reverses an irish whip and avoids a Bellomo cross body. Bellomo recovers quickly to deliver a backbodydrop and dropkick into the corner. Muraco counters a charge into a sunset flip to get the pin and retain his title. After a post match hand gesture is pixelated out, Muraco blows kisses to the crowd. Winner: THE MAGNIFICENT MURACO.

Bob Backlund vs The Masked Superstar
Backlund had just lost his WWF title bringing an end to his near six year reign. Future Demolition member Ax is the superstar donning the mask. We join this match in progress, with Backlund spending an eternity utilising a side headlock. Superstar uses a kidney shot to shift the momentum. Superstar’s offense consists of restholds as he works over Backlund’s arm with armbars and a facelock tieup. Backlund frees himself by driving his head into Superstar’s gut. Backlund favours his arm as he drives Superstar’s head into the mat. Backlund makes several unsuccessful attempts at removing Superstar’s mask. Backlund avoids a diving headbutt and goes after the mask again. Superstar crawls outside, Backlund follows and shoves Superstar into the guardrail. Backlund pushes Superstar back into the ring, but ends up being counted out. Superstar thwarts more of Backlund’s demasking attempts after the bell. Backlund wants another match, Superstar teases a return, but leaves and the fans pelt the ring with garbage. This was rubbish and boring. Winner via Countout: THE MASKED SUPERSTAR.

WWF Title: The Iron Sheik vs Tito Santana
This is one of the Sheik’s first title defenses since dubiously defeating an “injured” Bob Backlund the previous month (Backlund’s manager Arnold Skaaland threw the towel in). Santana attacks Sheik with his own ring garb then sends him packing with an atomic drop. Sheik clutches his back and teases leaving. Santana surprises Sheik with a rollup and applies a couple of side headlocks, blocking Sheik’s attempts to reverse into a bearhug. Santana tackles, reverses a hiptoss and re-attempts the side headlock, only for Sheik to immediately go to the eyes. A blinded Santana rolls around the apron as we go to commercials.

When we return, Santana regains the advantage following a kneelift and reverse suplex. Sheik gets his knees up on a Santana splash. Sheik applies an abdominal stretch, Santana reverses, Sheik gets to the ropes and rakes the face. Santana counters a backbodydrop into a sunset flip, then cradles the Sheik for a nearfall. Santana sends Sheik out of the ring with a couple of dropkicks. Sheik grabs a chair, referee Danny Davis stands on it, so Sheik shoves him down. Santana wrestles with Davis for the chair until Sheik attacks from behind. Santana recovers to nail Sheik with his patented flying forearm, but it’s too late as Davis has already thrown out the match as a double DQ. Santana sends Sheik into retreat after the bell and Hulk Hogan would dethrone Sheik just two days later at Madison Square Garden. Winner: DRAW.

Two out of Three Falls
The Wild Samoans (Afa, Sika, Samula) & Sgt Slaughter vs Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Rocky Johnson, Tony Atlas & Andre The Giant
Everyone bar Samula (aka Headshrinker Samu) is in the WWE Hall of Fame. Andre bangs all three Samoans heads together to start. A hesitant Slaughter enters and is worked over by Johnson and Atlas. Slaughter staggers into a waiting Andre who waves a big hand in his face. Slaughter retreats, before being caught in a side headlock by Snuka. Afa tags and is immediately staggered when Andre slaps him from behind. Snuka dropkicks Afa, decks Samula and the heel team regroup. Johnson headlocks Samula, throwing him into Afa, as Slaughter tags back in. Afa rakes Johnson in the face, allowing Slaughter to drill him with a backelbow and apply the Cobra Clutch. Andre breaks it up, but Sika quickly tags and pins Johnson after a headbutt.

Samula keeps the advantage for his team in the second fall as he slams and throttles Johnson on the mat. Johnson fights back and tags the Giant. Andre rejects friendship attempts and headbutts the Samoans, before dragging a dazed Samula back up by his trunks for a slam. Snuka picks up the second fall by catching Samula with a cross body after flying off Andre’s shoulders.

Into the deciding fall and Snuka chops Samula over the top rope as Sika desperately seeks a timeout. Snuka continues to stay on top of the Samoans as Slaughter is scared to re-enter the ring. Andre tags, Samula puts the brakes on a backbodydrop to stun the Giant, but Afa’s headbutts have no effect. The match breaks down into an eight man brawl. Andre plants Afa with a big boot then sits on top of him to pick up the deciding pinfall. Slaughter tries a post match attack with a ring bell and two chairs, but Andre stands on his throat and the referee disposes of the chairs. As the heels head to the back, Monsoon makes note of Slaughter not legally entering the match after the first fall then dubs Snuka the “phenom” as he and the rest of his team stand tall with their arms raised. Winners: SUPERFLY JIMMY SNUKA, ROCKY JOHNSON, TONY ATLAS & ANDRE THE GIANT.

Okerlund wraps things up to end a pretty good show. The opener was solid (of what was shown) and the rare Sheik title defense was quite nostalgic. The Main Event was fun to watch, but Backlund’s match was the polar opposite. See you next week.

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