There are more new details coming out about WWE’s plans for the return of the draft split, which Vince McMahon is reportedly very excited about. According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Live, WWE is already planning some dual-brand episodes of RAW through next year’s WrestleMania.

WWE is reportedly working on two big episodes of RAW for the night after SummerSlam and the night after WrestleMania. The two episodes will likely be the only times members of both the RAW and SmackDown rosters will be on the same TV show.

Both rosters will be present on WWE’s pay-per-view events, and according to Wrestling Observer Live there will be two announce teams for all PPVs. Just like during the previous roster split, RAW announcers will be on hand to call RAW talents’ matches, and SmackDown talents’ matches will have their own announcers.

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